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Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws formalize rules made by municipal council. Village policies provide direction on municipal programs and processes. All can be viewed at the Village Administration Office.


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Animal Control Bylaws

Building & Zoning Bylaws

Council Bylaws

Water and Sewage Bylaws

Other Bylaws


Water Policies

  • Waterworks Rate Policy
  • Annual Waterworks Information
  • Water Policy – On/Off Call Out Fees
  • Water Invoice Policy
    • The municipality will only supply water & other utility services to the registered owner of a property.
    • Going forward as per Bylaw #2/2024, the municipality of Shields will only supply water and other utility services to the registered owners of a property.
    • All existing renters who have had the utility billing transferred into their names will continue to be billed until such time as the renter ceases to be a customer.

Property Assessment Information