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Docks and Shoreline

The shorelines, which include the bed, bank and boundary of the water body in Saskatchewan, whether Crown lands, municipal lands or private lands are protected under the Environmental Management and Protection Act.  Under EMPA any person planning work in or near a water body must apply to the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency to obtain a permit to:

  • Alter the bed, bank or boundary of a water body or watercourse
  • Remove or add material to the bed, bank or boundary of a water body or watercourse
  • or remove vegetation from the bed, bank or boundary.


If you are interested in obtaining a boat dock space as a resident of Shields, please review the Policy, complete the Dock Permit Application and submit to the Village Office.  All applications are brought forward at each council meeting where it is approved or denied.  The applicant will then be notified of the decision.

The Ministry require permits for any and all shore-land alterations for new boat docks and lifts.  Refer to Shoreline Protection and Alterations for further instructions and applications.

Dock Policy and Applications

If you are interested in obtaining a boat dock space, contact Councillor Cam Paulson for further information. (306-230-5950)

Municipal Reserve Land

All docks and lifts that are stored on the Municipal Reserve/shoreline during the winter months are to be labelled with FULL NAME and on each piece of equipment. This will assist Village personnel in the Spring and Fall to identify any abandoned equipment so it can be removed from the shoreline and dealt with.

Each Spring the Village Office will send out a date as to when dock and lift equipment must be moved into the water or off the shoreline to ensure that the shoreline is free of obstructions and debris.  The Public Reserve/shoreline is not to be used as an annual storage site for this equipment.

See the Maintenance of Municipal Lands Policy that defines what type of maintenance property owners may perform on municipal land. 

The Village has a small site to provide temporary or permanent boat and trailer parking for an annual fee. The site is currently full, however if you are interested in a spot, please contact the Village Office to have your name put on a waiting list. Refer to the Storage Site Policy for details.

Storage Site Policy

Shoreline Protection & Alterations

Applications for Shoreline alterations are handled via the Water Security Agency.

Reference for Shoreline Property Owners and/or Dock Owners

If in doubt about what you are allowed to do without a permit, please contact the Village Office at 306-492-2258 for clarification.  Review the following and complete the permit application as required.