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Roads and Maintenance

51 Memorial Drive

Speed Limit

The speed limit throughout the Village, including Memorial Drive is 30 KM. Please respect the speed limit to ensure the safety of our children, neighbors, and all residents of Shields!!

Maintenance Building

The Maintenance Building is the hub for operational staff to use as a workshop, repair centre and storage for Village equipment and tools.  The building is equipped with safety back-up lights to warn that machinery and workers are backing out of the maintenance building onto Memorial Drive roadway and to be cautious when passing this area.

Roads and Maintenance

The Village roads are maintained year-round by the Operations staff for snow removal and general maintenance. Contractors are engaged for grading, graveling and annual application of dust control.

Road Projects

  • South Memorial Road Project 2019
    At the 2019 Annual Information meeting Council announced the South Memorial Road Project that would start in July.  The new road from Outlaws Ravine to the southern boundary of the Village would address the many concerns with the existing undeveloped road; first and foremost, safety.  The new roadway project was completed in October 2019.