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Welcome to Shields, Saskatchewan

The Resort Village of Shields is a lakeside community nestled along the west shore of Blackstrap Lake, located just 47 kilometers south of Saskatoon in the Rural Municipality of Dundurn. Shields is considered “the best-kept secret in Saskatchewan” and is the ideal place to retire or raise a young family. As a thriving Village located along the lake, it is home to just over 200 families either full-time or part-time who enjoy weekend getaway opportunities and family-based residential living with access to a lake for boating, fishing and water sports. Shields boasts a beautiful nine-hole golf course with grass greens, a Community Centre, ample public reserve with multiple parks, a children’s playground and a beach area for the residents. These recreational facilities were all made possible through the dedication of past and present community volunteers. Volunteerism and a sense of community have always been the heart and soul of the Village; we call it the ‘Spirit of Shields’! Neighboring municipalities, such as the Town of Dundurn which is 9.5 km west of the Village provides residents with many amenities such as schools, a library, churches, and retail services.   The Dundurn Fire Department is an essential service to the Village and is supported through a partnership with neighboring communities.  Blackstrap Provincial Park is at the south end of Blackstrap lake and offers many recreational facilities as well as boat access. Shields is a small bedroom community that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle with opportunities to interact with residents and surrounding communities through annual events, programs, sports and recreational activities as well as an annual celebration and recognition of the volunteerism in Shields!