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Garbage / Recycling / Sewage

Sewage / Waste Water Systems

The Village of Shields has two types of sewage systems. In the original site, homeowners have holding tanks that must be emptied by a licensed hauler on a regular basis – See Business Directory for hauler. The subdivisions of the Village are serviced by a gravity-fed sewage system. The sewage from both systems flows through the sewer pipelines to the sewage lagoon and wastewater treatment system supplied by the Dundurn and Area Waste Water Utility. Shields is a corporate partner in the Utility.

Sewage Rates and Quarterly Billing

All property owners pay a basic annual charge for sewage of $200 which is included in the quarterly utility billing with potable water charges.

What can’t be flushed and why?

Put the following items in your garbage even if they say they are flushable: wipes, paper towels, tampons, condoms, hair, and dental floss. These items don’t break down quickly enough in the wastewater system (or at all) and can end up clogging the system and your pipes. If you have a wastewater holding tank that is pumped out, these products will settle in the bottom of your tank or be picked up by the waste hauler and pumped into the truck dump and then enter the Village wastewater system. There is a cost to the Village to de-clog pipes and pumping stations and in the worse-case scenario to replace damaged equipment. Don’t pour grease down the sink.   This also contributes to the clogging of pipes in your sewer or those of the Village. Following these guidelines will prevent problems in the pipes, saving you money and preventing downtime in the wastewater system.

Dundurn And Area Waste Water Utility

The Village of Shields is a corporate partner of the Dundurn & Area Waste Water Utility (DAWWU) along with the Resort Village of Thode, Town of Dundurn, and RM of Dundurn.   The utility operates the lagoon on behalf of the municipalities and charges a fee for those services which is included in the basic annual charge to residents.

Dundurn Transfer Station

The Village has an arrangement with the R.M. of Dundurn for Shields residents to use the Dundurn Transfer Station for tree debris, burning pile, compost and metal – whites @ $25 each; shingles @ $200/truck load.  See the Transfer Site for hours of operation and directions to the dump which is located 2.6 kms from the Dundurn town limits.

Weekly Garbage & Recycle Collection – Loraas Disposal

Loraas Disposal is Shield’s contractor for door-to-door Garbage and Recycle collection that takes place on Mondays year-round.

Garbage: weekly (May-August) and bi-weekly (September – April)

Recycle: bi-weekly year round

  • Monthly fee is $21.50 which includes one waste cart and one recycle cart.
  • Seasonal service is available at $21.50 per month when in service and $1.25/cart ($2.50) rental when not in use.
  • If a cart becomes damaged due to misuse or vandalism the account associated with the cart shall be charged $135.

Residents are to store all garbage containers on their property and not encroach on any public land.

See: 2024 Collection Calendar

On collection day, garbage containers are to:

  • be placed adjacent to, but not on the traveled portion of the roadway, and so that they do not endanger vehicle or pedestrian traffic or interfere with municipal street cleaning or other equipment;
  • be placed for collection no earlier than 8:00 p.m. of the day before collection day and no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection day, and they must be returned to their storage location no later than 7:00 a.m. the next day.

See Waste Disposal Bylaw – 2021 #4-21

Recycling In Shields

See Loraas’ Recycle Information Brochure – 2021 for details on acceptable items to be put in your blue bin.


Shields compost is located at the south end of the Village on Memorial Drive.  The compost is only for GRASS AND LEAVES, it is not for tree branches or any other debris. Tree branches can be taken to R.M. of Dundurn Transfer Station.

Please note the speed limit on Memorial Drive is 30 KM. Please respect the speed limit to ensure the safety of our neighbors, children and other residents of Shields!