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Emergency Services & EMO

Emergency Services

Emergency Services for the Village are provided by volunteers with the Dundurn Fire Department. They are dispatched by 911 and cover medical, fires, vehicular accidents, and any other emergency that occurs in our regional area.  The Department has a team of 19 members, 8 of which are First Responders.

The cost for an emergency call out for fire is $1,000 per hour which is paid to the Emergency Services and billed to the party requiring the service.  Residents should ensure their fire insurance policy has the proper coverage to cover these costs.

Charges for False Alarms

  • 1st false alarm – no charge
  • 2nd false alarm within one year – $500
  • 3rd and subsequent false alarms within one year – $1000
  • If no further false alarms within 1 year of the first call, the fee will revert to no charge.

Please use due diligence when calling in emergencies to 911. Your air time could potentially be cutting off someone else’s actual emergency! The non-emergency RCMP line is an excellent resource for inquiries that might not quite qualify as emergencies: 306-310-RCMP (7267)

Shields Emergency Measures Organization – EMO

Shields has an Emergency Measures Plan in place to provide guidance and direction in case of an emergency. Residents must be aware of these procedures during a village emergency. Please review the plan with all members of your household.

Shields EMO Resident Information

Make an Emergency Plan

Government of Canada’s ‘Get Prepared’ is a very useful tool to obtain detailed information on making a family plan, knowing the risks, what to do during a power outage and making a kit.

SaskAlert App

SaskAlert is the Government of Saskatchewan’s emergency public alerting program that provides critical information on emergencies in real-time, so you can take action to protect yourself, your family, and your property. The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency is encouraging people to download the SaskAlert App from the App Store or Google Play.

The Village of Shields is a member of SaskAlert and would use the alerting system in the case of a Village emergency.

Potential Emergency Risks in our Area

Lengthy Unplanned Power Outages

  • To help prepare your home for unplanned outages see SaskPower.
  • The Red Cross also provides excellent information on before, during and after a lengthy outage.


  • What to do during a tornado (Excerpt from GetPrepared): Storm Alert Information Page
  • Watch for severe thunderstorms.
    • An extremely dark sky, sometimes highlighted by green or yellow clouds.
    • A rumbling or a whistling sound caused by flying debris.
    • A funnel cloud at the rear base of a thundercloud, often behind a curtain of heavy rain or hail.
  • In all cases
    • Get as close to the ground as possible, protect your head and watch for flying debris.
    • Do not chase tornadoes – they are unpredictable and can change course abruptly.
    • A tornado is deceptive. It may appear to be standing still but may, in fact, be moving toward you.
  • In a house
    • Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway.
    • If you have no basement, protect yourself by taking shelter under a heavy table or desk.
    • In all cases, stay away from windows, outside walls and doors.
  • On a farm
    • If your safety is not at risk, you may have time to open routes of escape for your livestock. Open the gate, if necessary, and then exit the area in a direction perpendicular to the expected path of the tornado.
  • In a recreational vehicle or mobile home
    • Find shelter elsewhere, preferably in a building with a strong foundation.
    • If no shelter is available, crouch down in a ditch away from the mobile home or recreational vehicle. Beware of flooding from downpours and be prepared to move.
  • In a vehicle
    • If you spot a tornado in the distance go to the nearest solid shelter.
    • If the tornado is close, get out of your car and take cover in a low-lying area, such as a ditch.
    • Do not take shelter under an overpass or a bridge. Winds can accelerate under an overpass or a bridge and cause injury or death from flying debris.

Neighbourhood Watch

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods

On any block and in any neighbourhood, it only takes one house that is harbouring illegal activities to undermine the safety of all residents of that community and affect the property values throughout that neighbourhood.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act is intended to empower residents to take back their neighbourhoods by reporting problem residences or businesses that are habitually used for illegal activities. These activities could include drugs, prostitution, gang or criminal activities, child sexual abuse or the unlawful sale or consumption of alcohol.  Make a report to SCAN

Reporting Suspicious Activity: RCMP: 306-975-5173

Government of Saskatchewan – Keeping Your Neighbourhood Safe