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Water Consumption from the Potable System

Fred has indicated that our water consumption from the potable system has increased greatly this past week.

If you have a sprinkler system that operates from both your house line & the irrigation system, please ensure that you have turned off the valve at your house as when the sprinkler is not operating, you will be feeding household water into the municipal irrigation line.  Check valves are actually required to ensure this cannot occur, but we know it has happened.

If you have a seasonal residence, please ensure that you have not had a line break where you may be experiencing water loss.  If you notice anything at your neighbors property, please let us know.

If you discover an issue, please contact the office to advise as otherwise the water readings will be done next week to see if we can identify high consumption sites.  As they are not scheduled to be done until late June, we will use this reading & estimate for your June 30 billing.