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Season Irrigation System

With the seasonal irrigation system started for the year it is important to note the following.

Attached for your reference is the Non-Potable Reminder Notice from SaskWater.  See PDF. The water from the seasonal irrigation line should not be used for drinking, preparation of food or oral hygiene as it may present a risk to your health without first being properly treated.  This non-potable water is intended for irrigation purposes only and should not be connected to any household plumbing.

Please ensure that your potable water and irrigation systems are kept separate.  Lines must be physically disconnected and not joined by any valve or other apparatus.

As well, staff have noted that a significant amount of potable (drinking) water is being used through the treatment plant.  This often means that somewhere in the water system, potable water is being used through the irrigation lines.  If you are unfamiliar with the system, or unsure of how this works, please call Fred Fehr, Operations Manager,  at 306-492-7922.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Becky Hoehn

Acting Chief Administrative Officer