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Maintenance Update

Our Operations Manager, Fred Fehr, has asked me to provide the following update.

  1. The first red bin has arrived!  To assist residents with this annual cleanup, large red garbage bins will be in place from Monday, May 15, 2023, until Tuesday, May 23, 2023. These bins will be in the vicinity of the south end mailboxes near the maintenance building.
  2. Irrigation System – Several breaks to the irrigation system were found this morning.  As a result, the irrigation system may be unavailable while these are repaired.  Also, please note that due to frost in some areas, the lines may still be frozen.  Please be patient while we work to have the system operational.
  3. Partial Fire Ban – The partial Fire Ban is continued.  Please ensure no burning.  This means that no open fires or fireworks.  Campfires in approved containers are permitted.
  4. RM Road Bans – Please note that the RM Road Bans are still in place and heavy hauls into the community are not permitted.
  5. Waters Avenue -Waters Avenue has been re-opened to traffic with the restriction that no heavy trucks are allowed.

Our thanks to everyone for their cooperation in these matters.