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Resort Village of Shields New Programs – Globe Walk

We are excited to announce the village has joined the Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA) and will be introducing some new programs for those of us that are 55+.   The goal is to help the village set up programming and activities that encourage an “Age-Friendly Community,  to assist us as we age to lead healthy independent lives and be active members of the community”.  Lindy Klassen has kindly offered to lead these programs.

The program that we are introducing starting on April 1st is called Globe Walk.  We are piloting this program, as the current Globe Walk finishes at the end of April but will start up again in the fall.  This provides us the opportunity to try it out for the month of April and to be included in the wrap up party at the WDM in May.

Get out your sneakers and let’s get active.  For details regarding this program please text Lindy @ 306-280-6910.