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Councillor Position Election Results

Below is the Declaration of Results of the March 11, 2023, By-Election held in the Resort Village of Shields.

For the position of Councillor in the Resort Village of Shields

For the election held on the 11th day of March, 2023

Name of Candidates Number of Votes Acclamation/Elected/Defeated

Garry Hovland – 67 – Elected

Grant Mackay – 18 – Defeated

  • Number of rejected ballots, except those on which no vote was made: 1
  • Number of ballots counted but objected to: 0
  • Spoiled: (e.g., Issued to a person who declined to vote.) 2
  • Total Number of electors who voted as indicated in the poll books: 88

I declare that this is an accurate statement of the votes cast for the Resort Village of Shields.

Becky Hoehn

Returning Officer