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Public Health Orders on Municipal Operations

Clarification of COVID-19 Public Health Orders on Municipal Operations from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations

Several municipal officials have contacted the ministry for clarification on how the current Public Health Order may or may not apply to specific municipal operations.

We wanted to reconfirm three points:

1)      Council meetings and any other public meetings or hearings being held by the municipality that are open to the public are considered pubic events, therefore subject to the Public Health Order. This means mandatory masking (effective September 17, 2021), and verification of proof of vaccination (starting Oct. 1, 2021).

2)      For Citizens attending municipal offices to pay taxes, utilities or other municipal business, mandatory masking applies. As this is not an event, municipalities do not have to verify vaccination status on individual citizens looking for service.

3)      The recent communications around the mandatory vaccine policy for provincial employees does not apply to municipal employees. The Government of Saskatchewan encourages you to consider your own vaccine requirements with your employees, but this is not an obligation in the Health Order and is solely at the discretion of the municipality as an employer.