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Golf Ball Drop Results

The Golf Committee would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported the Golf Ball Drop a few weeks ago and everyone that was there to watch it and help clean up the balls. The golf tournament and fundraiser was a great success!
Additionally we would like to thank BackRoads Septic for sponsoring the $200 septic service prize. BackRoads is a big supporter of our community and our golf course and we appreciate everything he does. Last but not least we would like to thank the Men’s night committee who graciously donated $100 to cover one of the prizes we were scrambling for at the end.
The winners of the golf ball drop were the following people:
$500 – Nicole Jalbert (Ball 0870)
$100 – Aden Arguin (Ball 1010)
Family Membership – Barteski family (Ball 0015)
Couple Membership – Lothar Josephs (Ball 0486)
Single Membership – Ernie Strasser (Ball 0218)
$200 BackRoad Septic – Bonnie Thiessen (Ball 1059)
4 Pack Daily Rounds – Doug McCoy (Ball 0298)
4 Pack Daily Rounds – Tom Boehm (Ball 0627)
4 Pack Daily Rounds – Cody Deringer (Ball 0069)
If you haven’t already please contact Kam Barteski for more information about how to collect your prize.
Jessica Loran | Acting Administrator