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Maintenance Notices – May 6th, 2022


  • Dust Control & Road Bans – Please be aware before dust control can be applied, we will be bringing gravel in to add to the village roads. Currently there are still RM road bans in effect, and the gravel and dust control trucks are too heavy to drive on roads while these bans take place. Shields roads will need to harden-up before heavy transport can occur, and there are areas of roads that are still closed.
  • Back Alley’s – Will be graded in the next few weeks, an email will be sent to confirm the date so that all vehicles in the alley can be removed if necessary
  • Speedbumps – Will be reinstalled this spring

Fibre Optics:

  • Redbird will be in the village next week to begin repairs on sunken trench lines and fibre boxes.

Compost for the Village:

Garbage Collection:

  • The first Red Bins from Loraas for residential use will arrive on May 16th and they will be removed after the May long weekend. Please remember the following times CANNOT go into red bins:
    • Leaves & Branches
    • Tires
    • Large Appliances
    • Large Furniture
    • Mattresses & Box springs
    • Cement
    • Oil and Filters
    • Railway Ties
    • Renovation Material

Please do not overfill bins, the fill line is marked on the bins. Branches and metal can go to the RM landfill, large appliances can be dropped off at a cost. Please see the attachments about what Loraas accepts in household recycle bins, and other materials that cannot be put in garbage bins.
Items Not to be placed in garbage
Single Stream Recyclable Items

  • Weekly Garbage Collection: As we have reached the summer months we are switching back to weekly garbage collection and remaining with bi-weekly recycle collection. Please see the attached calendar.


  • Please turn off all irrigation taps this weekend. Operations will be turning the system on next week so that we can work on identifying lines that were damaged by fibre install. Please be patient as the process of locating and fixing breaks will take some time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the office.


Jessica Arguin

Acting Administrator