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Lake Water Levels

We have obtained the following information regarding the lake level:

The current elevation of Blackstrap Reservoir is 534.30m (May 19). It is continuing to drop slightly as water is being transferred to Bradwell. Water will start to be transferred from Broderick to Brightwater tomorrow (May 20) as some construction in the canal is just being finished today. SaskWater also has some canal inspections between Brightwater and Blackstrap scheduled for May 28 & 29. Water will be transferred from Brightwater into Blackstrap tomorrow, however, it will be shut off for a few days next week so the inspections can be completed. Immediately following those inspections, water will again be transferred from Brightwater to Blackstrap. The plan is to raise the water level on Blackstrap up to the normal summer level.

Water is being moved to meet various demands in the system as well as ensuring canal construction/inspections can be completed as required. The above plan will increase the water levels on Blackstrap as soon as possible.