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Fibre-Optics Markers Information

Many people around the village have noticed the stakes with pink flags marking the property lines in your yards. These property line markers will be used by the construction crews who are bringing fibre-optics to our village this fall. There has been some concern expressed because many of these stakes are across the driveways and lawns of residents. Please see some answers to the questions you might have:

  1. Do these stakes mark our property line?
    • The stakes mark the boarder of your property with the road allowance, but not necessarily the corner pins of your lot. All these markers indicate is where the road allowance starts, not the boundary between you and your neighbor.
  2. These stakes are directly across my driveway, are they going to dig up my driveway?
    • The construction for the fibre line will be done with directional drilling, and will be as minimally invasive as possible, though as they project is completed some digging may be necessary. When a driveway has a gas line run underneath, it will be necessary to dig a small hole in order to locate the depth of the gas lines. If there is no gas line underneath your driveway, there is a good chance they will not need to dig up any of your driveway. The same will apply to lawns, flowerbeds and gardens.
  3. Will the village be paying to rectify any damage to my driveway or lawn?
    • No. The work will only be taking place on the road allowance area which is public reserve land. We will do our very best to return the areas of work to the state they were found in, but when any development takes place on the road allowance there is associated risk that it may need to be altered for village maintenance.
  4. Can I move these stakes?
    • PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE STAKES. Moving the stakes will cause delays for the workers when they arrive because they will need to re-mark the areas before construction can begin.
  5. What is going to be put into the ground for the Fibre-Optic Project?
    • You may have seen that there are also white flags marking out certain locations (PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE), as well as a collection of three pink stakes in some areas. The white flags mark a spot where a connection box will be located, each of these boxes will service two properties. The three pink stakes mark an area where a larger vault box will be placed. You can see photos of both the connection box, and the vault box attached on this email. Operations will be working with Redbird to move these boxes to the most convenient place for each connection.

If you have any questions about the fibre-optics project please reach out to Fred and Kaija who will be happy to answer as best they can. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the construction process to bring this great asset to our community! If you have not signed up yet, we encourage you to sign up for fibre-optics before the end of August in order to avoid paying individual installation fees .


Jessica Loran

Acting Administrator