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Election – Voting Options

Election – you have 2 options for voting – in person on Saturday, August 29/20 from 8 am to 9 pm at the hall in Shields

OR  Mail In Ballot  – Application forms for a Mail In Ballot MUST be received by Jessie by 5 pm on Friday August 14.  Ballots should be here tomorrow.

If you have submitted your application for a Mail In Ballot, you have until close of Poll on August 29 to get your ballot back to Jessie (I will contact those who have filed Mail In Ballot applications and you can come pick up your ballot & vote.)  If you have chosen the Mail In Ballot option, YOU CANNOT GO TO THE HALL TO VOTE.

You must get your ballots from Jessie & Vote at the Municipal Office (Jessie’s house)

Please Call the office 306 492 2259 if you have questions.