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Blackstrap Lake Level Information


Received from Water Security Agency:

Sask Water and WSA are continuing to try and bring up the water levels at Blackstrap.  The current water level is 534.23m.  This elevation is 0.24m (~10 inches) below the Full Supply Level of 534.47m.

Outflow from Brightwater has been increased on Aug. 5, 6, and twice today (Aug. 11).  Ongoing irrigation between the reservoirs and evaporation on Blackstrap has prevented seeing a rise in lake levels to date.  In fact, the lake has dropped 2cm since Aug. 5.

The inflow into Blackstrap has been roughly 70 cubic feet per second (cfs) over the past couple of days.  The additional increases at Brightwater will result in inflows of 80 cfs coming shortly.

The estimated outflow from Blackstrap is approximately 40 cfs today.  Tomorrow the outflow will be reduced to approximately 15 cfs for some canal treatment downstream of Blackstrap.  This will assist with filling Blackstrap more quickly.

In closing, inflows into Blackstrap exceed the outflows and additional water is on the way from Brightwater.  This should result in water level increases on Blackstrap shortly.  But please keep in mind, it takes time to see noticeable changes on such a large reservoir and evaporation is working against us (the next 7 days look hot and dry).