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Changes to Shields Waste/Recycle Programs

One of Council’s goals is to encourage good environmental practices. Shields is late to the table on door-to-door service for recycling and biweekly waste pickup.

Considering Council’s research, the waste/recycle/compost survey conducted and the emails received from residents, the following was approved at the Council meeting of March 17, 2021 regarding the village’s waste management service.

Each resident requesting waste pickup will receive two bins.

  • The blue bin (recycling) will be picked up biweekly.
  • The waste (garbage) will be picked up weekly summer months – from (May-Aug) and biweekly fall/winter months – from (Sept-April).

The Blue Bin by the maintenance shop will be removed. Reasons for removal:

  • Will no longer require – with door-to-door recycle service provided.
  • Cost $8000/per year.
  • There are some residents from neighboring communities using the bin (the village is charged based on weight so is paying for non-residents of Shields recycling)

The household blue bins are on order with services starting September 1, 2021.

Residents who wish to continue to share bins may do so.

The compost area will remain where it is until further notice.

The fee for residents would remain at $21.50 with the village covering the cost of the additional summer service (this includes $2.50 for the rental of the two carts). Seasonal service will increase from 1.25 to 2.50 to cover the cart rental.

The removal of the large blue bin will save the village $4,000 per year after covering the cost of the additional summer service.

It was suggested that some of this savings go into finding an alternate site for our compost area or projects to beautify the village.

Attached is an information sheet on recycling.


Resort Village of Shields Mayor and Council