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Vandalized Sports Equipment

It has come to the Village’s attention that the equipment provided for use at the Sport Court is being vandalized.  As a community this is very disheartening.  The equipment is expensive, and while we recognize that many people appreciate having it available to use, we know that a few individuals can ruin it for the majority.  As well, there are times when the equipment is used for the intended purpose and not put away in the storage box.  We want to remind anyone using the sport court to ensure the equipment is stored securely in the storage box when you are done.

We are also asking for your help to monitor the activity at the sport court.  If you see anything that doesn’t look right, please contact the village office.  As a community you have all invested in this facility and the equipment that is provided.  We want to ensure that it is used in a respectful and responsible manner.

Thanks everyone!

Becky Hoehn

Acting Chief Administrative Officer