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Sport Court Reminders – Regular Use, Construction

Sport Court Reminder for parents and children – please make sure to inform your little ones if you have children who play on the sport court.

Regular Use:

As the weather gets warmer the sport court is being used more and more! We are very happy to see all this activity, but please be aware that when others are using the court do not interrupt their activity by riding bikes in the court. Additionally, please give a reminder to children to ensure that they are being respectful with all equipment. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the equipment we have, so it is important for everyone to treat the villages equipment as if it was their own.

Construction Notice

Shields is getting a new Sport Courts Amenities building in the village. Construction has just started and will continue throughout the Summer. Residents will have access to the sport court during construction but are encouraged to use the south entrance to the court in order to stay far away from the construction. When a fence is set-up to block off this construction, please make sure to be respectful and not go into out of bounds areas.