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Note from the Shields Operations:

Operations Text Notifications: Did you know?

  • To keep up to date on irrigation shutdowns you can sign up for text messaging. Operations will notify residents through this text messaging system regarding a shut down of more than a day. Operations will also use this text messaging system for other important notifications such as road grading etc, potable drinking water (if there is a water boil advisory) and any other important operational information.Very simple sign up: text the word shields to 3064005594 and follow the few simple instructions.

Irrigation: Did you know?

  • Even though the daytime temperatures warm up considerably, it is the freezing temperatures at night that hinders the irrigation system from being turned on. Temperatures at 5 can easily crack and damage taps.
  • The goal is to turn the irrigation system on after the first week of May (weather permitting). We could also see a slight delay on start up as we are currently pulling some of the old pump system out of the well system.
  • A big no no!!!Having your sprinklers tied into the irrigation as well as the drinking water from your house can result in your drinking water being contaminated. It also runs the risk of contaminating the whole system that the community drinks from. Water Security Agency has confirmed that it is illegal to not have a break between the two systems and not just a shutoff valve that can be accidentally left open.If you have inherited an existing system and are not sure if you have a break in the two systems, please call operations.
  • Why can the irrigation system be off for extended period of times?If there is a break in the line and it depends on how deep the line is and if the break is going to damage private property. If the line is deep and needs equipment to dig it up, a locate is needed ( a call for a company to come mark out gas, power and phone)which can take up to two full business days. The other factor is for contractor availability to come and dig.
  • The irrigation water is not “free water”. Please use the irrigation system wisely as there is a cost to all taxpayers when residents leave the irrigation on for hours watering their lawns. Average water usage and costs from May start up until September shut down (5 months) (based on 2020 operating budget); over 10 million gallons of water with a charge from Sask. Water of$8,378and a cost from Sask. Power to run the pumps of $4,657.The total cost’s including water, power and contractor’s costs and $21,936 to system upgrades gives us a total of 2020 irrigation costs of $33,977. Last years system upgrade of a more efficient pump saved operating cost’s of $808. In just one month. Council and Operations will continue to work on irrigation efficiencies.Please be aware of your water usage.

Roads: Did you know?

  • Every spring operations needs to limit road access and close roads due to developing soft spots forming in the roads. Most of these soft spots are formed when frost is pushing out of the ground and thus causes shallow under ground springs to push up near the surface. We see this primarily on Waters Avenue and area. As these areas form large tucks and equipment such as a grader cannot drive on these areas without creating more damage.
  • As our community is surrounded by the R.M. of Dundurn we have to adhere to the bylaws set out by the R.M. Every spring the R.M. sets road bans into place. These road bans have weight restrictions and allow for light duty traffic only. If you require delivery over the weight restriction in place, please visit the R.M.Office in Dundurn to obtain a permit.The R.M. has lifted road bans as of April 26th.
  • Dust control typically gets applied the week before the long weekend in May. Many residents would like to see this applied in early spring. However as stated we need to have our roads harden back up and road bans be lifted by the R.M. (typically after the first week of May). Operations then needs time to address road repair and have gravel added to roadways by contractors and their time frames. The roads then need to be graded, and then after that is all done calcium chloride can be applied.This year the plan is to have dust control applied Thursday May the 20th.Alley access will be graded in the spring time once all alley ways are dried up and gravel added to areas. Alley ways are too narrow for a large grader to grade and thus require a different piece of equipment.Plan is to have the grading done by Monday May 17th.