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Message from the Mayor – May 27th, 2021

Thanks to the village Operation’s staff for the excellent job on the roads within the village.  Even with the heavy rainfall, the village roads are in very good shape.

However,  over the past few days, the roads to exit the village were in very poor condition and have caused concern for many residents.   Council also recognizes that a good quality safe road is required for the residents to exit the village.  

The village and the RM have been in discussions to continue the upgrade of the RM Road (turkey trail) to #211.  The Village and RM Council met in January regarding the upgrade of the road to #211 and a decision was made for the RM to apply for a grant to cover a portion of the road upgrading cost.   The village Council supports this decision and is waiting on the grant results which should be in shortly.   Council’s goal is to have this roadwork completed within the year.