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Message from the Mayor and Council:

The joint HR Committee of Thode and Shields, as well as our Councils, have decided it is time for each village to hire their own Administrator.   The Administration of the two offices has worked well over the years but now that Jessie is retiring in August,  we realize it would be hard to find someone to take on the role of Administering the two villages and that the villages have outgrown a shared Administrator.  There are many tasks that the Mayors and Council would like Jessie to do but with the current workload of the two villages it would be impossible.

The exciting news is we will have the village’s Administrator located in an office right here in the village.  The office previously known as the golf room will be turned into an  administrative office.  The relocation of the office will happen late spring early summer.

Thode and Shields will still maintain the Joint employee arrangement of our maintenance staff.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Mayor and Council