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Candidate Profiles and Mail-in Ballot Info

The Mail-In Ballot Bylaw was enacted to allow residents & property owners in Shields the opportunity to vote in municipal elections if they were unavailable to do so on election day.

This year it will be used to provide a COVID-19 alternative to attending at the Community Centre to cast your vote.

Voters who would like to vote by Mail-In Ballot must apply to the Resort Village of Shields Office no later than 14 days before Election Day (August 29/20).  As the Office is closed on August 15, this means that you must file your Voter’s Registration Form & Declaration of Person Requesting Mail-In Ballot by 4 pm on Friday, August 14/20.  Please do not mail it on Friday, August 14/20 – it must be received at the Office by Jessie by 4 pm on Friday August 14/20.  Do not put it in the mail box at the corner – it must be received by Jessie.

The required documents are attached to this email.  You may print them & complete them before a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public or anyone authorized to sign oaths.  Printed copies are available from the Office – call Jessie at 306-492-2259.   The Returning Officer (Jessie) is also able to establish your identity and sign your Declaration – Please call 306-492-2259 to schedule an appointment.

After your application for a Mail-In ballot is received, a Ballot Kit will be provided to the applicants.  Availability will depend on receipt of ballots from the printer.   It is possible that if the ballots are available, you may be given a ballot at the time your application is received.   You may then proceed to your vehicle to vote – one at a time if traveling with someone – and return the mail-in ballots to Jessie at that time.

The ballot kit can also be sent out/returned by mail, but please ensure that ample time is provided as ballots must be received before the close of poll on Election Day.  Mail-in ballots must be returned to the municipal office – they cannot be returned to the Poll at the Community Centre.  At the close of Poll, the Mail-in ballots will be taken to the Poll (in the ballot box in which they have been collected) and counted with all other ballots.

Ballots received after the close of poll on Election Day are deemed to be spoiled.

Form R – Voter’s Registration Form and Poll Book

Form C – Declaration of Person Requesting Mail In Ballot

Candidate Profiles as Submitted for Mayor

Candidate Profiles as Submitted for Councillor