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Golf Ball Drop

Golf Course Fundraiser (poster) – All proceed go towards the completion of the new #6 hole.

What is a golf ball drop?   It is simple, we sell 2000 numbered golf balls (0001-2000) and then we load them into the back of the gator or a bunch of tubs in the back of the gaitor.   We then drive that gaitor up the hill on the hole #8 fairway and we dump them all out at the same time.

At the bottom of the hill on the number 9 fairway we will have 9 holes cutout of the fairway with cups and flags in then.   Each hole is assigned a prize and if your ball lands in a hole you win the corresponding prize.    If there is a tie we take the balls that were in the hole out and put them in a bucket and drop them again from a height of the flag over the hole.    If there are no balls in the hole we then measure the closest to the hole.

Golf Balls are going fast so  email at [email protected] if you are wanting to get some golf balls for the drop.

We have the following packs available in limited quantities:

  •  4 balls for $20 – this package is 5% sold
  • 10 Balls for $40 – This package is 5% sold
  • 20 balls for $50 – this package is nearly sold out.

Get your email in quick if you are wanting to still get in on the best deal which is 20 balls for $50.