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Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser Update

With just over a week left to get your golf ball numbers for the golf ball drop we still have lots of packages left.    Please help us make this golf course fundraiser a success so we can continue to finish up the work on the new hole number 6.

What is a golf ball drop?

Easy, we number 2000 golf balls and load them into a tub or multiple tubs if need be.   We take the balls up to the top the of the number 8 hill and we dump them out.    The balls will roll down the hill crashing into each other along the way and probably the tree.   At the bottom of the hill there will be 9 holes cut out in the fairway.  If you ball lands in the hole you will win the corresponding prize.

We are sold out of $50 packs but we still have available for sale the following packs:

10 balls for $40
4 balls for $20.

Email [email protected], [email protected], or call or text 306,260-7189 to get your golf ball numbers.