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Garbage/Recycle Bin Information

As many people know the Village of Shields is switching over to door-to-door recycling coming on September 1st, and the Recycle bins are being delivered today. A few questions and answers you may have about our new recycling program:

  1. How often will pick-up be:
    Recycle pick-up will take place every two weeks starting on September 13th. Waste pickup has now also changed where pick-up is weekly from May 1st -August 31st, and bi-weekly from September 1st – April 30th, the first pickup being September 6th.
  2. Does this cost extra:
    At this time there will be no increase to each property owner who receives full time garbage collection, the fees charged will continue to remain $21.5/month. Those who have season garbage collection will pay $21.5/month or the 6 months they receive collection, and will be charged $1.25/cart ($2.50/month) for the months they do not receive collection.  See the Bylaw attached for more clarification.
  3. Can I opt out of Recycle Program?
    There is no option to opt out of the recycle program and continue to receive garbage collection services.
  4. Will we continue to have the larger blue recycle bin?
    The large blue bin will be removed when it is filled and will not be returned again after that, the door to door service is taking the place of the large blue bin.
  5. What can I put in the Blue bin to recycle?
    There are certain items that can be recycled and others that cannot. Please review the flyer attached to this email to ensure you understand what can be put into you new blue bin.

Please remember to pull in your garbage and recycle bin after the garbage has been collected! If you have nay questions, please let me know.


Jessica LoranActing Administrator

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