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Emergency Water Notice – Cancelled

Update: September 17, 2022

The DRWU break has been repaired and we can take on water again. Operations informs us that Shields did a good job on not going through much water, and we would have made it through the weekend.

Thanks for your cooperation, enjoy your weekend.

Jessica Arguin

Chief Administrative Officer


September 16th, 2022

Due to unexpected emergency repairs that are required at the Dundurn Rural Water Utility, the water to the Resort Village of Shields will be shut off for an undetermined period of time.

Water will still be available to our residents, but must be conserved during the weekend as we are operating with our current supply.

Please hold off on watering yards, doing laundry or anything that uses large quantities of water, until the repairs are completed.

Thank you,

Jessica ArguinChief Administrative Officer