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Dundurn Rural Water Utility

Due to rate increases from Dundurn Rural Water Utility, other utility service providers, and the increase of maintenance expenses, the Resort Village of Shields will be increasing water and sewer rates by an average of 2.6% . The Garbage rates have not been increased since 2020, and because of significant cost increases from Loraas they will be increased by $5.50 per month. The fees will increase as of January 1st, 2024, so they will not be reflected on the next utility bill that you receive. The changes to quarterly rates are outlined below:

Old rate New Rate Increase
Water Consumption (Per Cubic Meter) $6.30 $6.50 $0.20/CuM
Quarterly Water Charge $75.00 $77.00 $2.00
Quarterly Sewer Charge $50.00 $51.25 $1.25
Quarterly Garbage Fee $64.50 $81.00 $16.50
Truck Water Fill Station (Per Cubic Meter) $7.45 $8.00 $0.55/ CuM


Saskatchewan Municipal Board have approved these rate increases, and the appropriate village bylaws have been updated. If you have any questions, please contact the office.