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Animal Control Committee Reminders

Please see the information provided below from the Animal Control Committee.

Several animal control issues have been identified which the Animal Control Committee would like to address.  Please note the following:

Cat Owners 

  1. Cats are not permitted to freely roam in the village. Please keep your cats indoors or ensure that they remain on your property and not out on their own.

Dog Owners

  1. It has been noted that residents have been walking their dogs on the golf course. Please note that this is NOT allowed. The golf course takes a lot of work to maintain and dog urine and fecal matter can significantly damage the greens.  Please keep all domestic animals off the golf course at all times.
  2. Also, a reminder that when out and about, your dog is to be kept on a leash at all times.  This is for safety of residents and to ensure adherence to bylaws.
  3. Finally, please ensure that your clean up after your pets. There are several bag stations around the village for this purpose. If any of them are empty, please contact the office or maintenance staff and they will be filled up. Feces can contain disease and we want to ensure the health of our pets. We want to keep the village clean and safe.

The Village’s Animal Control Bylaws are available on the website.  Please take time to review these bylaws by clicking the link provided.  Bylaws and Policies – Resort Village of Shields