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2020 Update on Zebra Mussels from Watershed Stewards

Aquatic Invasive Species – Zebra Mussels

Larval zebra mussels are called veligers. They are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus, veligers are arguably the most concerning stage. Veligers cannot be seen but can be carried in water found in bait buckets, bilges, or any other water moved from an invaded water body to an un-invaded water body. Over the course of three months, SSRWSI will take samples at Lake Diefenbaker (Riverhurst, Elbow, and Danielson docks), Pike Lake, and Blackstrap Lake.

This is particularly important in order to detect possible zebra mussel occurrences early. In addition, we have volunteers installing and checking on zebra mussel substrate samplers. This is a minimum effort sampler that works best for detecting the presence or absence of invasive mussels. If you would like to install a substrate sampler at your dock please contact us at (306) 343-9549 or [email protected]